8 Gables Ranch is a small farm in Vacaville, California - the mid point between San Francisco and Sacramento. Our primary focus is raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We also raise free range laying hens, but nothing (except the family dog) gets more attention than these goats.
  We love our Nigerian Dwarf goats because of their sweet dispositions and their milk has the highest butterfat of any dairy goat breed in the USA. Adorable and great milk too, what more can you ask for. Check out our for sale page or send us a message as we get so busy not all available goats get posted. Wethers start at $200 and our does and bucks at $500 and up.
  Nigerian Dwarf Goats make great pets. Our goats are hand raised bottle fed babies starting at 5 days up to anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks. They are sweet, snuggly and easy to handle. Their small size makes them much more cost effective than large goats. Since they are miniature and so many people are now wanting their own backyard milkers, many cities are allowing Nigerian Dwarf Goats in residential areas. Check your own city for the specific ordinances. They love people attention (sometimes I don't think they even know they are goats). They love neck scratches, petting and of course animal cookies.
  Nigerian Dwarf Goat milk is the most healthy and nutritious. It is naturally rich in calcium and potassium, as well as Vitamin A. It is easy to digest and aids many with stomach disorders. Goat milk can be a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. Cow milk takes about 24 hours to digest and goat's milk takes more like 20 minutes. It is very smooth and leaves a clean fresh taste in your mouth.

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8 Gables
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