We have both our Raw Nigerian Dwarf goat’s milk soaps and soaps from other pasteurized goat’s milk products. Goat’s milk has the ability to penetrate the surface layer of your skin and for that reason can be very nourishing. Goat’s milk is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body just as if you ate it. For just that reason it is important you use high quality products.

 The higher fat content of goat’s milk is one of the reasons it is so moisturizing along with the oils we add such as coconut oil, virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and several others.

 Vitamin A helps improve wrinkles. Vitamin C is for elasticity, Vitamin D contributes to growing skin and folic acid promotes new cell growth.

 Since our soaps are handmade they may vary is size and color. The majority are $5 per bar,but prices to vary from $1 to $6.

*These are some of the many scents we use in our soap making process. If you have a particular scent you enjoy and do not see it on our list please feel free to send us an email and we will do our best to find it for you. Scents preceded by an asterisk are ones we generally have available.
Click here for the list of my soaps.

List of Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil Scents

Name Description
Almond Biscotti Indulge in the yummy aromas of an almond biscotti
Amber Beautiful combination of Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood & Musk
Applejack Peel Blend of cinnamon, cloves and red apples
Apple Macintosh A straight forward red apple smell 
Arabian Spice A blend of Orange, Myrrh as well as Ginger, Cinnamon & Cloves
Basil (Sweet) E.O. Herbaceous, slightly camphoraceous smelling essential oil
Bergamot Black Tea Bursting with fresh, uplifting notes
*Black Raspberry Vanilla Raspberries, black berries, bergamot, Barlett pear, plum wine, vanilla orchid & cashmere musk
Bonsai Blend of  Floral Fresh, Citrus and Pine accords as well as Fruits and Wood tones
Burnt Sugar  A lovely blend of applewood, smoked, cedar, leather, oat, coffee, chamomile, brown sugar & amber
Cedar & Amber  Blends of pine, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, and amber
*Cherry Almond  A strong cherry and almond scent 
Chocolate & Amber Unexpected top note of lavender combined with a boldness of tangerine
Chocolate Orange Trouffle Luscious blend of mandarin, blood oranges and dark chocolate
Chocolate &Toffee (Nurture)  Smells like cinnamon and chocolate wrapped up in toffee goodness
Christmas Spice Notes of cinnamon, mocha, thyme, and nutmeg
Coconut Ginger Almond (Discontinued once we are out)
Coconut Lemongrass A blend of lemongrass, pineapple, plus middle notes of lily of the valley, peach, coconut, & sandalwood
*Coconut Lime Verbena A tropical mixture of citrus, pineapple, coconut and sandalwood
Cream Cheese Frosting Yummy blends of Madagascar Vanilla, churned butter, buttercream, cream cheese and butterscotch
*Crisp Anjou Pear The sweet and fresh aroma of our Crisp Anjou Pear 
*Crisp Cotton Blend of many scents that all come together as crisp, refreshing, and clean
*Cucumber Melon Fresh blend of cucumber, honeydew and cantaloupe
Dickens Christmas (Discontinued once we are out)
*Dogwood & Ginger Blossom Bold floral notes and touches of spice and wood
*Energy Stimulating blend of grapefruit, lemon, lime, cucumber, jasmine, pineapple, blackberry, & champagne
Energy E.O.  Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Juniperberry, Lemon, Citral Natural, Cardamom
Eucalyptus E.O. Powerfully woody, slightly sweet scent that can cultivate your senses and refresh your outlook
Eucalyptus Citriodora E.O.  Strong, fresh, sweet, and balsamic aroma 
Eucalyptus & Mint (Nurture)  With eucalyptus and peppermint in the forefront, this scent has a zingy kick
*Fierce (Masculine Cologne)  Inspired by Abercrombie's popular cologne!
Focus E.O. Aloe Vera, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Bergamot, Geranium, Citral Natural, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Basil, Cardamom, Chamomile, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary
Fresh Bamboo Clean scent like crisp jungle leaves in a damp rain forest
Fresh Mango Smells of freshly cut mango
Fresh Zucchini Flower (Discontinued once we are out)
Ginger Lime A blend of ginger and lime, with supporting notes of lemon, lilly, and grapefruit
Ginger Patchouli Nice blend of satsuma orange, ginger, sweet herbs, geranium, clove, & patchouli
*Grapefruit Bellini  Fruity blend of grapefruit, pineapple, jasmine, peach nectar and mango
Grass Stain Fresh and clean aroma of fresh cut grass
Hazelnut Toffee  Blend of hazelnuts, vanilla, marshmallow, butterscotch taffy, caramel, walnut & shea butter
Honeysuckle This beautiful floral scent is sweet and summery
*Hot Apple Pie  A delicious aroma that will make your mouth water
Juicy Couture Type (Bramble Berry) Inspired by the ever popular woman's perfume
Karma (Bramble Berry) Smokey, complex and alluring
Kentucky Bourbon Smokey, spiced bourbon fragrance oil is dark and sophisticated.
*Key Lime Tart It smells just like the traditional treat with a little twist
Lavender E.O. A medium-strength floral, herbaceous, and woody aroma
Lavender Forest Light floral scent of lavender with a bit of citrus blended into it
Lemon E.O. A medium-strength clean, fresh, citrusy, and fruity aroma
*Lemon Verbena Wonderfully complex blend of Italian Bergamot, Lemon Verbena mixed with sultry Primrose and Violet
Mango Mango A sweet tropical scent of mango 
Mayan Gold Blend of sandalwood, patchouli, clary sage, vetiver, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit & neroli, with other oils
Mint Chocolate Chip Like opening the lid to a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream
Myrrh E.O. A medium-strength rich, balsamic, warm, and earthy aroma 
*Patchouli Enjoy the musky, smoky and deep fragrance
Patchouli Cedarwood (Discontinued once we are out)
*Peppermint Swirl (Discontinued once we are out; we have quite a bit)
Pink Grapefruit E.O. A medium-strength citrusy, fresh, and slightly bitter aroma 
Red Brazilian Mandarin Sweet citrus scent with a very slight bitter note
Rejuvenate E.O. Orange Peel, Cedarwood, Lemon Peel, Citral, Vetiveria Zizanoides Root
Relaxing E.O. A lovely blend of lavender, fir pine, Egyptian jasmine, vanilla and musk
Rustic Woods & Rum Rich notes of hay, sandalwood, cinnamon, white citrus, ginger, birch, & tobacco
Sacred Frankincense E.O. A medium-strength balsamic, rich, warm, slightly spicy, sweet, & woody aroma
Sandalwood Vanilla Wonderful warm and inviting blend of sandalwood and vanilla
Scotch Whiskey This complex blend is different than the usual whisky scent.
*Sensuous Sandalwood Allure your senses with the woody and lush aroma of our Sensuous Sandalwood Oil
Sleep E.O. Formulated to foster feelings of deep tranquility
Smoky Patchouli  A straight, deep, and earthy patchouli scent
Sparkling Fig Cocktail Sweet and fruity, with a healthy dose of fresh green notes,
Spiced Mahogany A blend of scents of freshly cut wood, toned down by spices like cardamon, vanilla bourbon & all spice
Spiced Red Tea Pink pepper, cinnamon leaf, nutmeg & saffron followed by a base of ebony woods, vetiver & tobacco
Spiked Eggnog Creamy, warm and comforting
Summer Fling Smelling of raspberries & peach, as well as notes of Magnolias, Lilies & Cyclamen
Sweetgrass A bright and green scent
Tangerine E.O. A medium-strength fresh, citrusy, sweet, fruity aroma 
Tea Tree E.O. A medium-strength fresh and herbaceous 
Turquiose A sophisticated, unisex fragrance that combines a deep, masculine base with softer feminine florals
Vanilla Bean A laid back version, reminiscent of a sophisticated vanilla liqueur
*Vanilla Rosewood Notes of cedar and freshly cut wood, followed by earthy and sweet undertones & finishing out with musk
Wintergreen Leaf Oil (Pure) A strong sharp, sweet, woody, and slightly minty aroma
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